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Addisyn Merta

I am Addisyn Merta, the oldest daughter of Eric and Ashley Merta.  I am 12 years old and currently in the seventh grade at St. Philips Catholic School.  I have been taking art lessons from Mae Borak since I was seven years old and I am currently a member of the Art Association.  When I am not cheering for the Pioneers, dancing on the Dance Pizzazz Diamonds dance team, flipping at Full Force, or serving on the court you will find me behind a canvas at the art studio.  From a very young age I have had an interest in art.  The various paintings that I have done consist of oil paint on canvas.  To date I have completed 15 paintings in which several of these have won best of show.  I enjoy taking art,

it is relaxing, and allows me to unwind from a busy day.  I enjoy learning new techniques and am always on the lookout for what to paint next.  For me, seeing a piece of art work from start to finish is very rewarding.

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