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Shirley Bram

I was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to El Campo when I was 2 years old.  I always liked to draw and took 2 years of art with Arliss Treybig at El Campo  High School.  I enjoy working with different mediums - oil, pastels, charcoal,  ink, pencil watercolor and acrylics.  I was out of school for about 14 years when I took a craft class with Laura Frantum in Louise.  We painted on chambray shirts and did other craft type projects.  I found I wanted to get involved in painting again so I took some classes with Shalle Haviv, and then with Vasil Gadeke and several workshops with Michael Windberg and other instructors.  Every class has been a new learning experience in techniques, such as, glazing.  Most of my paintings are landscapes from my own photographs but I have also done floral and still life.  In addition to painting I really enjoy photography and various types of crafts.

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